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C. L. Pugh & Associates, Inc
“Bringing the future of Audio, Video and Lighting to you”
Bosch Conference Systems. From intimate informal meetings, conference solutions, and government applications  
Bosch, a world leader in  the design and manufacture of public address systems for every application
Industry leading manufacturer of Speakers, wired and wireless microphones, amplifiers, and processing equipment
Wireless microphone and Hearing assistance systems.
High performance cabling and connectivity solutions.
Manufactures exceptional support and protection products to mount integrated AV systems in Residential, Commercial, Broadcast, and Security applications.
Manufacturer of innovative pathways and wire and cable management solutions that reduce installation costs.
Large range of professional interlacing products  and the finest, most extensive custom service capabilities available.
Self-Amplified In-ceiling and Trumpet Speakers, 70 Volt In-wall Amps, and compact, in-wall mounted amplifiers
High-end professional audio solutions, specializing in DSP hardware and software.
Broad array of compact standard and network amplifiers span both analog and digital worlds.
Leading provider of unique and cost- effective networked AV solutions for small and medium sized venues.
K&M's Music, Instrument & Pro Audio stands remain the leader for quality, innovation and durability. A genuinely eco-friendly product with a 5 year warranty.
Manufacturer of acoustic materials of all types.
DiGiCo consoles, chosen the world over because of their superb sonic performance, combined with ease of use and proven road reliability.
A/V products for classrooms and conference rooms with built in control and interface
Audio and Video Internet Protocol (AV over IP) equipment that provides real-time transport of audio and video over IP networks
Innovox supports the aesthetic integration of loudspeakers with their architectural environment.
Chauvet DJ, entertainment lighting for mobile DJs, LJs, mobile shows, bands, small stages and clubs
Chauvet Professional, Professional gear for LD's in the fields of of television, production, touring, theaters, clubs, hospitality, houses of worship and architainment
Lightweight trussing solution perfect for mobile DJs, bands, outdoor performances, nightclubs or corporate events, built to the highest standards of safety and performance.
Interior and Exterior Architectural Lighting and control
3-D in Ear Mixing Systems.
Manufacturer of Laser Projectors, Video Walls, Multiviewers and associated software
Audio electronics manufacturer specializing in interface accessories, mixers, amplifiers, signal processors and signal sources.
Amplifier and DSP products for Live and Contracting applications
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