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C. L. Pugh & Associates, Inc
“Bringing the future of Audio, Video and Lighting to you”


Commitment as defined in the dictionary is "a pledge to do something". It is a word that oftentimes is used to freely in day to day language, thereby losing its true meaning. Our definition of commitment is found in our vision/mission statement: "C. L. Pugh & Associates, Inc. strives to be the very  best manufacturers representative firm serving the consumer and professional audio, video, and lighting markets in the Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan territory. We pledge to provide to our manufacturers and customers the highest degree of service, support and integrity. What does this mean to you? To our customers: C. L. Pugh & Associates, Inc. will provide you with the "tools" you require to make your job easier. We will support you with the latest literature, pricing, and technical information available from our manufacturers. Furthermore, we are prepared to aid in design recommendations, field support, and product demonstrations. We are committed to being your partners in business. To our manufacturers: C. L. Pugh & Associates, Inc. will be your "eyes and ears" in the field. We will advise you of all business opportunities available for your product. We will always represent your product and ourselves with the highest degree of professionalism. We are committed to being your partner in business. Our entire staff is aware of whom we are and what we need to do to accomplish our commitment. OUR COMMITMENT IS TO BE YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS!
The company was founded in 1943 by Courtney Lee Pugh as a multi-line independent manufacturers representative firm serving Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the adjoining counties of Kentucky. Over the past sixty-six years the company has marketed a diverse group of products including component parts, electronic publications and software, consumer and marine electronics, security electronics, two-way radio equipment, commercial and professional audio equipment, professional video and lighing products. Today the company's attention is focused is focused on emerging technologies in the audio, video and lighting markets. The corporate office is located in Brunswick, OH a suburb of Cleveland with a home offices for our salemen in Southern OH and Western PA.
Sales and Technology Support
At   C.   L.Pugh   &   Associates   we   recognize   our   ever   changing   industry   and   the   need   to provide   our   customers   with   current   and   timely   sales   training   and   also   advanced   technical support. All of our outside sales people are provided with the latest technology that is used for sales presentations and design support. Laptops and Tablets are equipped with manufacturer supplied software and Power Point presentations for training of customer salespeople and design assistance. In addition to our outside salespeople having the tools necessary to support their dealers we also have dedicated inside/outside technical support staff to answer and assist our customer needs.
In   the   corporate   offices   in   Brunswick   a   training/conference   room   has   been   added   to   allow for   sales   training   and   demonstration   of   equipment   for   both   C.   L.   Pugh   sales   people   as well   as   our   dealers.   We   encourage   all   our   principals   and   dealers   to   utilize   this   facility   in the future for training and demonstration of their products
Our Markets  
Audio Visual Integrators Professional Sound Contractors Systems Integrators Digital Signage Pro Audio Retail Musical Instrument Dealers Broadcast Supply Recording Facilities Entertainment Lighting Dealers Theatrical Suppliers Pro Video Retailers Security Integrators
Our Products
Speaker Systems Power Amplifiers Wired and Wireless Microphones Analog and Digital Mixing Consoles Signal Processing Conferencing Products Intercom Products MI Electronics Studio Furniture Rack Enclosures and Accessories LCD & Plasma Displays Projectors & Screens Control Systems Cables, Audio Snakes, Connectors Video Control Systems Technology Furniture Mulitplexars Projessional Lighting Controllers & Dimmers Entertainment and EFX Lighting
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